We Are The Lightning

We believe life is meant to be experienced through curiosity, desire, intention and passion. Curiosity leads us to discover what we truly desire, through intention we can obtain those desires using passion as our fuel for progress. Unfortunately, this can be thought of as the exception rather than the norm. Life isn’t always easy, and it definitely is not always rainbows and unicorns. Between countless responsibilities and living day to day reality, our personal growth and spark can fade. The good news is that even though the light may feel dim at times, we can always brighten it, enliven it and connect to it. It is always there waiting for us to rediscover our true essence, no matter how heavy life may get.

Our philosophy is based on a concept we call “Intelligent Design.” This concept is rooted in the idea that in order to create your desired life, you must intelligently design your life in a way that gives you access to a well-defined vision. If every decision has a purpose, if every step is in alignment with your vision, if every action is consciously taken to bring you closer to your own brilliance, your life can and will be the truest expression of who you are. We invite you to live life from a higher perspective, a perspective of choice and purpose. The Lightning programs are built to help guide, challenge, and support those who decide to walk this path of self-discovery. It would be our honor to accompany you on your journey to pure potential!

The Lightning Series

The Lightning refers to the inner storm of electrical signals that race through your brain and nervous system every time you think, speak, or move. The Lightning Series is our process to get your thoughts, beliefs, and actions in alignment with your vision so that Lightning can strike!

Living a balanced life through
proper nourishment and self-care

service-icons_06Mind Power
Shifting limiting beliefs and unproductive
thought processes

Flight Schoolservice-icons_09
Engineering a Vision of the desired result

Balancing internal nervous system responses
occurring as a result of the external environment

Pyramid of Progressservice-icons_13
Mapping progressions through three phases
Clarity, Alignment and Brilliance

Slow down to move faster. Aligning movements and actions to minimize wasted energy

Codes of Destinyservice-icons_17
Developing intangibles or character
traits needed for success

service-icons_19Intelligent Design
Implementing the necessary components needed to achieve a specific desired outcome

Our Team

To teach, guide and support those committed to making an impact. One person can’t change the world, but one person
can spark the idea of change. There has been a spark and we would like for you to meet our team.

Brandon Thielk

Nathan Thielk
Creative Director

Judy Clark
Intuitive Coach

Ryan Morris
Performance Coach

Chris Thielk
Business Coach

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The Lightning is centered around personal, athletic, and business development across a number of niches. We train
individuals and organizations to better understand themselves at a deep level.

Evolved Athlete
Life Coaching + Performance Coaching

The Connected Edge
Platform for Individual Coaches and Speakers

Next Step Nutrition
Health and Wellness

Branding + Design + Media

Coming of Age
High School and College Mentorship

Sound Mind Management
Corporate Management Training

Reaching Roots
Career Transition Coaching



We strive to give all of our clients the best experience possible. Here are some really
special endorsements from our clients!

Cyndi Dale
My son has a dream. He’s hidden it inside of him for several years, as if sharing it might somehow curse it. His dream is baseball.

The “Evolved Athlete” program has become the key to helping Gabe make his dream a reality. It fires on every cylinder—body, mind, and spirit, and each of these approaches have ignited and transformed Gabe, who is sixteen.

Evolved Athlete


Mark Taylor
When my son Luke expressed an interest in pitching, I was conflicted. Having injured my own arm playing baseball at 12 years old, my opportunity to play effectively ended. I knew I lacked the knowledge to help him, and more importantly, to protect him.

Fortunately, about that time we found Ryan Morris. I signed Luke up for a few lessons with Ryan and was immediately impressed.

Evolved Athlete



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