We are the culmination of our life experiences. Each molds us, shapes us, pulls us toward our destiny; until we decide that we want more. This is where life begins again. Rather than tell you about where I’ve been, and what I’ve done, I’d rather tell you what I’m about and where I am going. This company is the reflection of my heart and soul. A son, a brother, a friend, an athlete, a writer, a leader, a difference maker. I have chosen to walk my own path guided by my heart, and here I am. Each aspect of my business is as unique and personal as your own dreams and desires. I am here to learn, grow and make an impact. One that brings people together, one that activates and enlivens, one that transcends. I am here to do great things, as we all are. The difference is I have accepted the challenge, will you?

Brandon Thielk

Our Vision

The vision that we hold is that of a brilliant humanity. Imagine a world in which people were conscious of their words and actions because they understood the tremendous impact that we all have on each other. What if more people made the choice to nourish themselves; supporting their mind, body, and spirit in an effort to lead a more balanced life? What if people chose to focus on living their best life while respecting and nurturing others’ on their paths. Picture what it would be like if we taught our children to connect in with themselves and always make choices to honor and support their growth. This all starts at the individual level. Knowing how powerful each and every one of us is. With every step toward balance, with every stride in the direction of peace, and with every stand we make for what is right, we send ripples of influence around us. These ripples give others permission to honor themselves through our example. It all starts with you making the choice to rediscover the connections you have lost.

Our desire is to serve as guides in assisting our clients to unearth those lost caverns. As you dive the depths with questioning, healing and learning; a powerful opportunity will surface. This is the call, the invitation and the awakening of what life is truly about.

The goal of The Lightning is to connect and support this process so that you can yield optimal results and together we can create pure brilliance!

Our Philosophy

We believe life is meant to be experienced through curiosity, desire, intention and passion. Curiosity leads us to discover what we truly desire, through intention we can obtain those desires using passion as our fuel for progress. Unfortunately, this can be thought of as the exception rather than the norm. Life isn’t always easy, and it definitely is not always rainbows and unicorns. Between countless responsibilities and living day to day reality, our personal growth and spark can fade. The good news is that even though the light may feel dim at times, we can always brighten it, enliven it and connect to it. It is always there waiting for us to rediscover our true essence, no matter how heavy life may get.

Our philosophy is based on a concept we call “Intelligent Design.” This concept is rooted in the idea that in order to create your desired life, you must intelligently design your life in a way that gives you access to a well-defined vision. If every decision has a purpose, if every step is in alignment with your vision, if every action is consciously taken to bring you closer to your own brilliance, your life can and will be the truest expression of who you are. We invite you to live life from a higher perspective, a perspective of choice and purpose. The Lightning programs are built to help guide, challenge, and support those who decide to walk this path of self-discovery. It would be our honor to accompany you on your journey to pure potential!

To teach, guide and support those committed to making an impact.

Our Values

Our values are at the center of everything that we do. These are the key ideas from which The Lightning was born, as well as the starting place from which we build our programs.

Integrity at its core is absolute truth. The unshakeable foundation of who you are before life got in the way. Without integrity even the most elaborate structures crumble. Self-sacrifice erodes integrity leaving us depleted with nothing left to give for expansion. Stay true to yourself, it’s the only way to be happy.

You are the commander of your own destiny; others can only guide. Making decisions based on who you are and what you want out of life is perhaps the single most important lesson any of us can learn. This requires full ownership of your thoughts, words, and actions. Accepting the good with the bad, it is all on you.

There is always a bigger picture at play. Knowing where you are headed allows you to fully commit the best possible actions right now, adding clarity and strength to your path. Allow yourself to dream, let your vision pull you towards your purpose.

Intention is the driver of your passion. A conscious decision made every day to be in alignment with integrity and growth. When you are intentional about our decisions, you are taking a stand for what you want out of life. Believe in yourself, and don’t settle for anything less.

Dedicating the time and energy necessary to accomplish what is most meaningful to you. Without discipline you lack direction, which will steer you away from your hopes and dreams. Value yourself enough to make time for what brings you joy. Focus is the substance from which your life is built, build from your heart; no excuses.

There is great power in putting things together. Cooperation, patience, and community can create tremendous impact and fuel growth. Individuals applying their skills and talents to collectively work toward a common goal is the perfect recipe for change and progress. Be you, share your gifts, and we’ll all grow together!

Our Process

At The Lightning we have a common process, a thread that weaves through everything that we do. This process is what we feel is needed in order to affect change on a deep level and produce lasting results. This process includes two components.

The first step in our process is to pass our programs through The Lightning Series. These are the key areas that we feel need to be addressed in order gather enough momentum to achieve results in any domain. Each of the layers is fully customizable allowing us to adapt them to any situation.

The second filter we use for our programs is centered around our signature concept of Intelligent Design. We identify the necessary components that are needed to achieve a specific desired outcome and apply custom pieces to round out the program. Each program is holistic in nature, meaning they run the full-spectrum of what is needed for anyone to make a change on a deep level. We utilize a series of blueprints to act as templates to address all areas of life (Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual). This allows us to formulate a complete program that works on all levels using a uniform philosophy to accelerate growth and achieve results.

These two components really do allow us to apply many similar concepts across the board. Each program is unique and special, yet still maintains the core components that are at the heart and soul of everything that we do at The Lightning!

The Lightning Series

The Lightning refers to the inner storm of electrical signals that race through your brain and nervous system every time you think, speak, or move. The Lightning Series is our process to get your thoughts, beliefs, and actions in alignment with your vision so that Lightning can strike!

Self-NourishmentThe Path to a Balanced Life

Living a balanced life through proper nourishment and self-care

Mind PowerCentering Your Universe

Learn the mechanics of behavior change and ways to shift your
perception to release self-sabotage and unleash pure potential

Flight SchoolEngineering a Vision

A vision puts your truth in action. This is a goal-setting timeline
boot camp that will activate the ultimate expression of you

BalanceBridging Inner and Outer Worlds

The embodiment of grace under fire. Balancing the nervous system
responses to improve performance and increase resilience

Pyramid of ProgressMapping Your Growth

Growth isn’t linear it has a rhythm all it’s own. Refining a map from where you are to where you want to be

MovementThe Call to Action

Slow down to move faster. Aligning movements and actions to minimize wasted energy

Codes of DetinyIntangibles that Drive Results

Foundational principles that empower the individual from the inside out to transcend limits

Intelligent DesignYour Blueprint to Brilliance

Implementing the necessary components needed to achieve a specific desired outcome


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