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Cyndi Dale
My son has a dream. He’s hidden it inside of him for several years, as if sharing it might somehow curse it. His dream is baseball.

The “Evolved Athlete” program has become the key to helping Gabe make his dream a reality. It fires on every cylinder—body, mind, and spirit, and each of these approaches have ignited and transformed Gabe, who is sixteen.

Physically the program has benefited Gabe in every way imaginable. The nutritional counseling resulted in an immediate drop in body fat and an increase in muscular strength. Plus the “own-ness” is on him; he now does much of his own cooking. The emphasis on body mechanics and alignment has altered his pitching stance and results, upping his velocity but also guaranteeing more safety and less shoulder strain. He works out an hour every day now, developing the muscle groups that are attuning him to a truly great young pitcher. The face-time training and video analysis have broken his movements into precise tools to support his velocity and accuracy.

Psychologically, Gabe has come to understand the importance of self-talk and goal setting. He’s crystal clear about where he wants to go and how to get there. The increase in his confidence is phenomenal, as is the bump in his grades. (Imagine, “A’s” on chemistry labs!) As an author of almost 20 books about energy and energy medicine, I’m thrilled that the “Evolved Athlete” program coaches explain complex topics in an easy way while examining all issues of energy—how energy flows in the body, but also how the mind affects the body.

And of course, performance is ultimately about spirit, how to keep that dream alive on a day-to-day basis. Gabe is being nourished to become the fully aware human being that he really is, someone with heart, compassion, and soul. His additional (non-baseball) talents, including art, are also supported. Every step of his journey is mapped in a way that accelerates his development on every level. This is the only program like it in this world and I’d be happy to provide a personal testimonial to anyone wanting more information.

Evolved Athlete


Mark Taylor
When my son Luke expressed an interest in pitching, I was conflicted. Having injured my own arm playing baseball at 12 years old, my opportunity to play effectively ended. I knew I lacked the knowledge to help him, and more importantly, to protect him.

Fortunately, about that time we found Ryan Morris. I signed Luke up for a few lessons with Ryan and was immediately impressed. In a very short period of time, Ryan was able to help Luke not only improve his control and velocity, but to do so with good mechanics and very little “arm” usage. Luke learned the proper mechanics and how to effectively use his core, and at the time, that was what he needed to be competitive.

Luke is now entering high school after taking most of the last year off from pitching. We specifically waited to get him started back up until we could reconnect with Ryan. This sounds crazy as I type it, but we were prepared to drive 6 hours round trip so we could work with Ryan again… fortunately, we’ve connected somewhere in between to this point and he is relocating locally!

Our experience with Ryan has been exceptional. We are excited about the Evolved Athlete program and envision moving toward that when Luke is ready.

Evolved Athlete


Eric Ellington
My son Eli first met Ryan when he was his pitching coach his freshman year in high school. Eli now a senior reconnected with Ryan this summer and he introduced us to Brandon and the Evolved Athlete program. We have been so pleased with the impact it has had on him in many areas. He is throwing harder and more consistent while at the same time no longer experiences any soreness in his arm. He has told me that he feels like he is not even throwing even though his velocity is up. The other aspects of the program such stretching, nutrition, and the mental approach are often overlooked by others. These are critical to being a healthy and well-balanced athlete. For the first time ever Eli has taken an active role in his nutrition. He applies what he learns and is making much better choices in what he eats. I believe that the mental training he is doing will help him when he is on the mound in high pressure situations. He is also learning to hold himself accountable which is paying dividends in other areas outside of baseball including his academics.

He looks forward to his weekly meetings with both Ryan and Brandon. They have a unique ability to teach where it feels more like a partnership than a coach. He feels that they are as invested in his success as he is. They are not only teaching him the skills he needs but also the ability identify and correct problems on his own, a skill that will be critical at the next level.

The Evolved Athlete program is the best investment we have made in his baseball career.

Evolved Athlete



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